Session Overview

August 4th

  • Workshop: Security and Trust for Mobile Network
  • Session 1: Energy-saving mobile cloud
  • Session 2: Crowdsourcing

August 5th

  • Session 3: Cloud-centric IoT and software defined IoT 5G MEC
  • Session 4: Fog/Edge architecture and management

Detailed Program


9:00AM–        Security and Trust in Mobiel Environment Workshop (Chair: Hiroyuki Sato)

21      Jatna Bavishi, Mohammed Saad Shaikh and Reema Patel. Scalable and Efficient Mutual Authentication Strategy In Fog Computing
13      Dominic Pirker, Thomas Fischer, Christian Lesjak and Christian Steger. Global and Secured UAV Authentication System based on Hardware-Security
24      Nitin Naik and Paul Jenkins. Self-Sovereign Identity Specifications: Govern Your Identity Through Your Digital Wallet using Blockchain Technology
4       Jyoti Shetty and Dr. Shobha G. Handling Class Imbalance in Google Cluster Dataset using A New Hybrid Sampling Approach

4:00PM–        Energy-saving mobile cloud (Chair: Jen Juan Li)

6       Markku-Juhani Saarinen. Mobile Energy Requirements of the Upcoming NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standards
22      Tobias Mahn, Maximilian Wirth and Anja Klein. Game Theoretic Algorithm for Energy Efficient Mobile Edge Computing with Multiple Access Points

8:00PM–        Crowdsourcing (Chair: Yan Bai)

17      Juan Li, Shadi Alian, Maryam Sadat Amiri Tehrani Zadeh, Bikesh Maharjan and Yan Bai. Drone-Assisted Fog-Cloud IoT Content Service Platform for Rural Communities
27      Venkat Surya Dasari, Murat Simsek and Burak Kantarci. Participant Comfort Adaptation in Dependable Mobile Crowdsensing Services



9:00AM–        Cloud-centric IoT and software defined IoT 5G MEC: (Chair: Alessio Botta)

7       Van-Giang Nguyen, Karl-Johan Grinnemo, Jun Cheng, Javid Taheri and Anna Brunstrom. On the Use of a Virtualized 5G Core for Time Critical Communication in Smart Grid
25      Alessio Botta, Giorvanni Stanco and Giorgio Ventre. DewROS: a Platform for Informed Dew Robotics in ROS
12      Yepeng Ding and Hiroyuki Sato. Bloccess: Towards Fine-Grained Access Control Using Blockchain in a Distributed Untrustworthy Environment

10:00AM–       Fog/Edge architecture and management (Chair: Michele Rossi)

14      Arif Ahmed, Apoorve Mohan, Gene Cooperman and Guillaume Pierre. Docker Container Deployment in Distributed Fog Infrastructures with Checkpoint/Restart
10      Yu Nakata, Mayuko Takai, Hiroaki Konoura and Masafumi Kinoshita. Cross-site edge framework for location-awareness distributed edge-computing applications
23      Michele Berno, Flavio Esposito and Michele Rossi. Elastic Function Chain Control for Edge Networks under Reconfiguration Delay and QoS Requirements